Connecting Team

These are the people directly involved in the implementation of the Connecting Project. They would all appreciate if you would pray for them by name during this process. Please pray for wisdom and guidance for them as they make decisions, for God's strength as they work, and for God to show Himself in this project.

Architect: CTSM (Dwayne Timothy, John McCormac)
Contractor: JohnsonKreis (David Dinsmore - Estimator, Jeff McIlwain – Superintendent)

SMIC Team Members

Building Committee

  • Chris Callahan, Chair
  • Dan Woosley, Co-Chair, Design chair
  • Jim Schilleci, Construction Chair
  • George Lawton, Materials Chair
  • Lewis Moore, At-Large
  • Gary Kennedy, Finance Chair

Design Team

  • Dan Woosley, Chair
  • Warren Ingram
  • Lewis Moore
  • Amanda Hayes
  • Laura Atkins, Staff
  • Mike Crowe, Staff

Construction Team

  • Jim Schilleci, Chair
  • Warren Ingram
  • Blake Miller
  • Kevin Davis
  • Richard Paulin, Staff
  • David Carnley, Staff
  • Charles Steele, Staff

Materials Team

  • George Lawton, Chair
  • Sonny Blaising
  • David Spurling
  • Amanda Hayes
  • Laura Atkins, Staff
  • Mike Crowe, Staff

Communication Team

  • Tim Atkins, Website/Social Media
  • Mary Jo Dennison, Photographer