Sunday, May 31, 2015

Finish Line in Sight

We are less than a month away from the grand opening of the connector, so a lot of small things are happening to bring it to completion, including flooring, painting, fixtures, etc.


The third floor, looking at the new light fixture.


A closer look at the new light feature.


The elevator is in place but not yet functional.


The 3rd-floor entrance into the Life Education Center.


The overhead rolling doors leading into the existing foyer come down if there is a fire.


The tile on the first floor of the connector.


A view from the Nursery & Preschool into the connector.


The roof of the new overhang.


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

From the Top

Have you ever wondered what the connector looked like on top? Have you wondered what the shingles were made of? Have you wanted a closer look at the details of the roof supports? Have you wondered just where the HVAC units are, the "mechanical garden" that used to be in the courtyard?

The pictures below show all of this plus many of the new details on the inside.


The connector from the roof.


The metal shingles on the roof of the connector.


A close-up of the braces that support the trusses for the roof.


The new spot for the "mechanical garden".


The courtyard with its new curved sidewalk.


The shape and location of the coffee bar on the second floor.


A view from the connector, through the hall to the sanctuary balcony.


Looking through the connector door to the hall behind the balcony.


The motor that raises and lowers the elevator.


The elevator platform.


The control panel for the elevator.