Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Connected Spaces

It's amazing how much bigger spaces seems when the interior walls go up and those spaces are well-defined. This is definitely the case inside the new connector where walls now separate one space from another, even with much of it still being very open. The pictures below take you on the tour of the new spaces.

Before we get into the interior though, we'll take a look at the outside, where windows and paint have made all the difference in getting us much closer to a completed exterior.


The windows are in and the exterior is painted.


These are the two entrances, which will each have a pair of glass doors.


To the right is the entrance into the nursery & preschool area.


This is the new nursing mothers room.


This is a view looking out of the nursing mother's room.


To the right is the existing nursery & preschool space. To the left is where the check-in station will be.


Looking into the main space from the nursery & preschool area.


Looking up at the ceiling of the connector from the 2nd floor.


This space on the main (2nd) floor will house tables and chairs.


This concrete block wall and the plywood will be gone, opening to the foyer.


The curved wall welcomes you to the third floor.


The entryway on the right opens to the area behind the chapel.


The curved wall leads into the 3rd floor of the Life Education Center.


The "mechanical garden" is now on my the roof of the connector instead of in the courtyard.


Speaking of the courtyard...


This is a view of the connector from the much quieter courtyard.


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