Sunday, March 29, 2015


The most striking new addition to the connector is the stacked stone. On the outside, the stone blends very well with the existing brick, a brick that was difficult to match with new brick, while giving the church a modern but very welcoming front door.

On the inside, the stacked stone on the columns will give the connector a warm and inviting environment as our member, and our guests, come through the doors. The stone is not completely up, but the first floor is a good indicator of how it will look.

There are a few other things I also have to show you. The framing off most of the interior walls is in place and, even in some places, the drywall itself is up. This should give you a good idea of the spaces and rooms that come off of the main section of the connector.


Most of the exterior stone is up.


The yellow siding will be primed and painted a dark brown to complement the rest of the church building.


The stairs run along the outside of the building.


The stacked stone columns on the first floor will make the area feel warmer.


This is a sample of the tile on the first floor.


This stacked stone column separates what will be two sets of double doors.


This is the hallway to the chapel.


The challenges of connecting two buildings of different grades meant the first-floor ceiling is lower in some places.


This will be a nursing mothers' room.


The railing in the middle will be removed, providing a wider path to travel, with railing on either side.


This ductwork is right below the third-floor overhang.


This is the view looking up at the ceiling from the second floor.


Members of the building committee are looking at the view in the previous photo.


This small, curved wall will help guide people into the third floor space.


This space on the third floor will likely be a Community Group room at some point.


This hallway leads to stairs to the area behind the balcony.


This is the view of Tyler Road from the third floor.


The third-floor ramp from the connector is available for those who can't take the stairs.


The opening on the left is where the new door from the existing stairs will be.


Just outside the SMCS library, closets and doors are being reconfigured to help with traffic to and from the balcony.


The men's room stalls outside the balcony are now installed.


The ladies' room vanity is in place, minus the sinks and faucets.

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