Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Trip Inside

It's been a while since I've written an a lot has happened in the new connector. I took a trip inside the connector today so I'm going to take you on a trip through the connector too, through the magic of photography. I've included plenty of captions below the photo to explain what you'll be seeing.


From the outside, you can tell where all of the windows will be.


Two sets of double doors will provide the entranceway on the first floor.


A nursing mother's room will be approximately where this table is.


The white plastic covers the entry to the first floor of the LEC. A check-in desk will be to the left.


The entrance to the chapel is down this ramp.


This underground area will be for storage.


The welcome desk will be on the right. No, that's not the welcome desk in the photo.


Part of the stairs to the second floor.


Chris near where the coffee bar will be in the second floor.


Behind that door is the foyer for the sanctuary. The ramp leads to the courtyard (behind me).


Steps to a landing area outside the second floor entrance to the LEC.


Dan outside the entrance to the second floor of the LEC.


The second floor access to the elevator.


Steps leading up to the third floor.


The third floor overlook. You'll be able to see down to the second floor from here.


A door to an eventual new Sunday school room.


The courtyard as seen from the second floor.


Two ways to enter near the bathrooms that are behind the balcony.


The other side of the picture above. Steps on the left; a ramp on the right.


This door goes straight into the balcony.


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