Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Picturing What Is to Come

A lot of the preparation for the connector has been excavation and preparation. While necessary, it's not easy in this phase to see where everything is going to be. It also isn't as exciting as watching a building go up. However, things are about to change and you might be able to get an idea what is going to be where from my explanation of the pictures below.

On the right, the hole with the white post protruding from it is the elevator pit. This is where the elevator shaft will be built.

Elevator shaft on the right.

The yellow strings, which are a little difficult to see in the picture below, mark the spot where structural steel will be erected. Although not exact, you can imagine this is close to where the corner of the connector will be.


Strings marking placement of structural support.

In the background of the photo below, you can see a large drainage pipe for the courtyard. Yes, we will still have a courtyard area.


Although these markers provide a little bit of help in picturing what is to come, the are also an indicator that things are about to look up, in the literal sense. Structural steel, foundations, and an elevator shaft are coming soon. Then it will be even easier to picture what is coming.


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