Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cutting Corners

In my last post, I told you about the temporary wall that would be constructed on the Tyler Rd end of the foyer. If you were here on Sunday, you noticed that the wall is up now. Now the outside corner has been cut off the sanctuary foyer where the connector will join to the main building.

The air conditioning units in the former "mechanical garden" have now been moved to another location. (Don't worry; the building still has air conditioning.) This has also been done to make room for the connector. The area under where these units were will be dug out to the ground floor level.

Here is what it looks like so far:


The temporary wall from inside the foyer.


The temporary wall from the outside.


The air conditioning units are gone to make room for the digging.


View of the temporary wall from the ground floor.


Opening to the second floor of the Life Education Center.


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Digging It

The lobby to the sanctuary is about to get a little smaller, at least temporarily. The walls to where the connector will be will be coming down and a temporary wall will be put up, shortening the lobby by several feet. This is so that the ground can be dug out between the buildings for the bottom floor of the connector. The air conditioning units between the buildings are also being moved to allow for the digging.

Here is a look at what's happening:


The temporary wall will appear where you see the plastic sheeting.


These walls outside the lobby will be removed.


This dirt will be dug up to make room for the bottom floor of the connector.


All of these units will be moved and the ground below them will be dug up.


This is a view of the ground that will be dug up from the lobby.


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Many Hands

This past Sunday, after a pizza lunch, dozens of volunteers helped move nearly everything that could be moved from the old nursery & preschool space into the new nursery & preschool space, which is now open for business. With so many volunteers, the third floor of the main building was soon empty and the New space was full of furniture and boxes. All ages contributed in some way, either moving furniture, moving boxes, holding doors, or assembling some of the new furniture.

All of this had to happen quickly because Shades Mountain Christian School teachers were getting their classrooms ready for school to start tomorrow. The SMCS kindergarten will share the space with the SMIC nursery & preschool as they did in the old area.

Here is a look back at what happened in pictures.




















Friday, August 8, 2014

Moving Day

The new nursery & preschool space will be move-in ready on Sunday (August 10) and we need your help. Sunday will be casual day at SMIC so come casual and prepared to help us move items from the current nursery & preschool space to the new one. Come to the fellowship hall for a church-provided pizza lunch and instructions on the move. After lunch we will start moving and keep going until we're done. If you can handle stairs and lifting, we'd love to have your assistance.

See below for some pictures of what to expect. At the time these pictures were taken the flooring was down but covered for protection so you will not be able to fully appreciate the way it looks until Sunday.

LookinEventually the end of the hall will open to the connector.


We will be moving in through the new door at the end of this ramp.


A look at the new family restroom.


A look at the toddler room through the window from the baby room.


The restroom between the baby and toddler room.


The activity room. The column will be replaced with a round one that is on order.


A peak at what the floors will be like. The colors are different in each room.


A window into one of the rooms.


The new work room with storage and a work area.


The activity room, looking toward the kitchenette.


Building committee and staff doing a walk-through.