Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nursery & Preschool Almost There

We are two Sundays away, only a week and a half, from moving into the new nursery and preschool space and that space is almost there. Rooms are painted, tile is down in the restrooms, cabinets are mostly in place, and it's getting easier to imagine what the new space will look like in its final state.


Cabinets in one of the nursery rooms.


The alcoves outside the rooms will alleviate traffic in the halls.


A preschool room with its cabinets and window.


The fun windows give the nursery a "kid" feel instead of an institutional feel.


The kitchenette that overlooks the activity room.


The activity room itself will provide a nice gathering space for larger preschool activities.


The entrance to the activity room with its windows.


The new exit for keeping our kids safe in the event of an evacuation.


The curved ceiling in the hall adds a fun touch.


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