Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Church in the Gym: Here's the Why and the What

The Why

This Sunday we will be doing something we haven't done since the sanctuary was remodeled in 1999. We will have church in the gym. Why, you ask, would we do that? Well, there's good reason. As you can see below, there are a number of air conditioning units and a lot of electrical lines between the two buildings that will be connected. These units and the electrical lines must go. The ground must be dug out to the bottom floor and a new foundation put in to connect the bottom floor near the chapel to the new nursery & preschool area in the Life Education Center. The electrical lines will be rerouted and the air conditioning units will eventually be put in the roof.


The air conditioning units and electrical boxes.


The backhoe must wait until these units are out of the way.


Some of the digging has already begun.


Another view of the patiently waiting backhoe.

The What

So, now that you know why, here is a reminder of what: There are no community groups (i.e., no Sunday school). The church service starts at 10:30 AM as usual, but in the gym. Nursery will be provided in the gym classrooms for babies through 5-year olds. Older children will be with is in this special family service.

This will be a special day for several reasons other than it being in the gym:

  1. Jonathan Owen, our children's pastor, will be preaching.
  2. Lunch will be provided after the service.
  3. We will be having our annual meeting after lunch.

Please come take part in this special Sunday with us.


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