Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A New Way Out

One of the three main reasons for doing this connecting project has been to provide additional safety to our babies and preschoolers by giving them more than one ground-level exit in case of emergencies. The first floor of the Life Education Center, where the nursery and preschool ministry will be located, will provide that second exit. That second exit at ground level isn't complete yet, but as you can see, it is well on its way.

Before the concrete block was removed.


Another shot before the concrete block was removed.


The ramp to the new exit door.


The frame for the door and the concrete blocks removed.

There will be much more to show you in the near future as the framing downstairs is starting to take shape. I wanted to focus this week on a significant safety benefit of this project. Please check back here to see more what is going on as the construction progresses.


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