Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nursery & Preschool Almost There

We are two Sundays away, only a week and a half, from moving into the new nursery and preschool space and that space is almost there. Rooms are painted, tile is down in the restrooms, cabinets are mostly in place, and it's getting easier to imagine what the new space will look like in its final state.


Cabinets in one of the nursery rooms.


The alcoves outside the rooms will alleviate traffic in the halls.


A preschool room with its cabinets and window.


The fun windows give the nursery a "kid" feel instead of an institutional feel.


The kitchenette that overlooks the activity room.


The activity room itself will provide a nice gathering space for larger preschool activities.


The entrance to the activity room with its windows.


The new exit for keeping our kids safe in the event of an evacuation.


The curved ceiling in the hall adds a fun touch.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

How the Stairs Fell

Yesterday, I shared with you that the great white stairs, on the Tyler Road side of the church, the source of a plethora of memories for many people over the years, were demolished. This is how it happened:



Wednesday, July 23, 2014


The big white stairs and landing on the Tyler Road side have been a source of many fond memories for people over the years. Married couples have exited down them to showers of bird seed. Campers have posed for those classic Camp Straight Street photos. Graduating seniors of Shades Mountain Christian School have victoriously ended their high school days with a final march down them. Visitors have walked up them as unbelievers and walked back down them as believers.

This week they have come down, to soon be replaced by a connector between the two buildings, one that gives us an obvious front door and an elevator for those that need it, a place for making new memories.







If you miss the old stairs, don't be sad. The future for that area of our campus looks promising.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Church in the Gym: Here's the Why and the What

The Why

This Sunday we will be doing something we haven't done since the sanctuary was remodeled in 1999. We will have church in the gym. Why, you ask, would we do that? Well, there's good reason. As you can see below, there are a number of air conditioning units and a lot of electrical lines between the two buildings that will be connected. These units and the electrical lines must go. The ground must be dug out to the bottom floor and a new foundation put in to connect the bottom floor near the chapel to the new nursery & preschool area in the Life Education Center. The electrical lines will be rerouted and the air conditioning units will eventually be put in the roof.


The air conditioning units and electrical boxes.


The backhoe must wait until these units are out of the way.


Some of the digging has already begun.


Another view of the patiently waiting backhoe.

The What

So, now that you know why, here is a reminder of what: There are no community groups (i.e., no Sunday school). The church service starts at 10:30 AM as usual, but in the gym. Nursery will be provided in the gym classrooms for babies through 5-year olds. Older children will be with is in this special family service.

This will be a special day for several reasons other than it being in the gym:

  1. Jonathan Owen, our children's pastor, will be preaching.
  2. Lunch will be provided after the service.
  3. We will be having our annual meeting after lunch.

Please come take part in this special Sunday with us.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Taking Shape

The rooms in the new Nursery & Preschool space, the bottom floor of the Life Education Center, are starting to take shape. By that, I mean, you can see the shape of each of them, which is mostly rectangular. The framing is in place and, in most cases, the drywall is up.

One shape that is definitely not rectangular is the winding curved drop ceiling in the halls, which will have a nice, kid-like fun feel to it when it's complete. The frame for that drop ceiling is all that's up currently, but it will give you an idea of what is to come.

Drywall ready to go up. Note the curving ceiling, also.


Kitchenette for the activity room.


Another shot of the winding drop ceiling.


The window between the baby rooms.


A framed-in bathroom


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A New Way Out

One of the three main reasons for doing this connecting project has been to provide additional safety to our babies and preschoolers by giving them more than one ground-level exit in case of emergencies. The first floor of the Life Education Center, where the nursery and preschool ministry will be located, will provide that second exit. That second exit at ground level isn't complete yet, but as you can see, it is well on its way.

Before the concrete block was removed.


Another shot before the concrete block was removed.


The ramp to the new exit door.


The frame for the door and the concrete blocks removed.

There will be much more to show you in the near future as the framing downstairs is starting to take shape. I wanted to focus this week on a significant safety benefit of this project. Please check back here to see more what is going on as the construction progresses.