Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's Started: Here Is What You Need to Know

Construction preparation is underway. Temporary sidewalks have been put in place. Starting next week there will be barricades up on the Tyler Road side of the campus.  Please see the parking map to understand where to park and how to enter the facilities from that point on.

Also, please note that starting this Sunday, May 25, some community groups will be in new locations. Please make note of the following changes:
  • Growing in Faith (Room 305)
  • Friends & Family (Room 304)
  • Young Families (Upper Room)
  • Joint Heirs (Room 302)
  • College/Young Adults (Room 204)
  • Real Relationships (Fellowship Hall Alcove)
All other classes remain the same.

Please make use of the schedule if you'd like to know what is happening when.

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